TreoLock 3.0

Prevent alerts being dismissed by stray key-presses


  • Customizable unlock keys
  • Alert notification options
  • One-click enabling/disabling


  • Bland interface


It can be oh-so annoying when you receive an alert on your Palm and accidentally dismiss it by hitting a key by mistake.

TreoLock is designed to help you put this problem in the past by providing you with the facility to lock the device when an alert comes through.

Your alert will sound, vibrate or flash as normal (you can set these alert options within TreoLock) but you'll have to hit a pre-defined key or combination of keys before you can kill it.

All of the settings for the program are housed within one one menu, which makes the interface very convenient, if a little drab. From here you can choose the unlock key and set a modifier key (i.

e. a second key you need to press at the same time) using the drop-down menus. You can also choose a time period which you want to lock the alert for.

The program does an effective job of locking your device and it can be quickly enabled or disabled simply by checking or unchecking a box.

TreoLock prevents alerts from being dismissed by stray key-presses. As a result, the program can help you ensure that you don't miss important information, appointments or tasks simply because you've hit a key by mistake.



TreoLock 3.0

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